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Jul. 22nd, 2017 05:17 pm
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Almost all new stuff, either from the new CD or from the Patreon page, including two songs we have not done live.

The Well Stone
In This Place Of Steel And Stars (1st time)
Beast Within
Gargoyles (1st time)
Ghost Train
Boneman's Daughter
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 Yah, what is this anyway?  This third party hosting biz?

Dreamwidth, what have you done?


Jul. 22nd, 2017 08:22 pm
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Posted by Tom "The Kittenmaster" Cooper

Please put your paws in the air and welcome our Caturday Star Kit, Smokey. She is 7 years old from Preston, Lancashire, UK.


Smokey was adopted when she was 6 years old. She was abandoned by her owner and then spent 10 months in the shelter without a single expression of interest. I saw her on a featured cat advert and fell in love. Happy 1 year anniversary!


Jul. 22nd, 2017 04:44 pm
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The phone company said that the repair guy would come around today before 6PM to check the line from the street to the house (yes, the one that gets blown loose, if not down, in just the right conditions of heavy wind and rain/snow.) It is now 4:44, so they aren't liars yet.

I'm not holding my breath, though. And if he hasn't shown up by 6:30, I'm calling them again to complain.
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Posted by Stubby the Rocket

The Flash, Justice League

At San Diego Comic Con, Warner Bros. filled fans in on what to expect from the DC Cinematic Universe! And this roster… it filled up mighty quick.

Among many announcements for the continuing cinematic slate, there was an updated list of films that DC has in the works going forward. They were:

  • Shazam
  • Suicide Squad 2
  • The Batman
  • Justice League Dark
  • Flash Point
  • Wonder Woman 2
  • Green Lantern Corps
  • Batgirl

A few of these titles had already been confirmed or hinted at, including Shazam (which will star Dwayne Johnson in the titular role), Batgirl (directed by Joss Whedon), and Justice League Dark, but there were a number of surprises, among them being Flash Point and Green Lantern Corps.

It seems likely that the Flashpoint storyline from the 2011 comics will serve as Barry Allen’s (mostly) solo Flash film, allowing WB to bring in other members of the Justice League for cameos; the Flashpoint arc centered around Barry Allen being the only person aware of the fact that the timeline of their world had significantly altered, leaving him to try and repair the damage. Green Lantern Corps is a unique way of finally bringing the Green Lantern into the DCU, while also offering up the potential for a space-faring story.

We’ll add more information as it comes up, but what do you think of this roster? Any titles that you’re particularly excited for?

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Posted by John Scalzi

As part of my continuing effort to justify the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription I have, I’ve been playing with my Audition audio software and learning how to use it. Today I learned how to make a multitrack file! Go me. I also played with the various filters in the software to distort and shape sounds.

All of which is to say I recorded a song today and it is very very noisy indeed. It’s “Here Comes the Rain Again,” which is my favorite song from the Eurythmics. Here it is (and no, it’s not actually nine minutes long, I don’t know why the media player says that. It’s, like, five):

Yes, that’s me singing. No, Annie Lennox doesn’t have a thing to worry about.

In case you’re curious, every noise on that track either comes out of me, or out of an acoustic tenor guitar. Audio filters are fun! Let’s just say I let my Thurston out to play, and if you get that reference, congratulations, you’re old too.

No, I’m not giving up my day job. Relax. But I do enjoy playing with sounds. This is fun for me.

In any event: Enjoy the noise.

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Posted by Natalie Zutter

Eric Heisserer adapting Ted Chiang novella Liking What You See Stories of Your Life and Others Arrival

Eric Heisserer, who adapted Ted Chiang’s Hugo-nominated and Nebula-winning novella “Story of Your Life” into the acclaimed film Arrival, is returning to source material he clearly has a knack for. His next project will be to adapt Liking What You See: A Documentary, about a futuristic technology that erases discrimination based on beauty, as a television series for AMC.

Heisserer tweeted the news during San Diego Comic-Con:

Liking What You See is one of several pieces of short fiction, alongside “Story of Your Life,” in Chiang’s collection Stories of Your Life and Others. Presented in the form of a documentary, it features arguments for and against calliagnosia, a simple (and reversible) procedure that removes ingrained biases against certain appearances. A selection from the novella gives you an idea of Chiang’s speculative future:

A calliagnosic perceives faces perfectly well; he or she can tell the difference between a pointed chin and a receding one, a straight nose and a crooked one, clear skin and blemished skin. He or she simply doesn’t experience any aesthetic reaction to those differences.


So calliagnosia by itself can’t eliminate appearance-based discrimination. What it does, in a sense, is even up the odds; it takes away the innate predisposition, the tendency for such discrimination to arise in the first place.

With the project being developed at AMC, it’s likely that the adaptation would be presented as a limited series, in keeping with the documentary format. But we’ll know more once more information comes out about the project.

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Posted by Emily Asher-Perrin

Justice League banner, 2017

Warner Bros. sent their teams to San Diego Comic Con today to give us the latest updates on their super team-up the Justice League! They also revealed their latest poster, which may look familiar to comics fans…

The banner above is heavily reminiscent of an illustration of the League by artist Alex Ross, and this isn’t the first time that the upcoming film has harkened back to his work–the teaser poster also borrowed from his imagery.

The one-page poster version of this banner, however, feels a little different:

Justice League poster, 2017

More like the cover of a Queen album this way? (Either that or Batman is very cold and his friends are kind enough to form a snuggly circle of warmth around him.) Also, you’ve gotta love how they make certain to slip in Superman’s House of El symbol even though he’s not in the poster, as though they must sooth fans and remind them that Superman is totally not dead and going to be in the Justice League, don’t worry.

Or rather, he’s the one who always has to take the pictures….

Ahem. In light of that, I present the trailer:

Get ready. The Justice League hits screens on November 17th.

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Posted by Leah Schnelbach

While there was no new Blade Runner 2049 trailer at SDCC, director Denis Villaneuve did take the stage with screenwriters Hampton Fancher and Michael Green, and stars Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas, Sylvia Hoeks, Lennie James, and of course Harrison Ford. Plus, Jared Leto appeared in hologram form, because he Method Acted so hard he is literally in the future now.

The panel gave a breakdown of the post-Blade Runner timeline, so if you want that information as you head into 2049 click through! Otherwise, beware of spoilers.

After the events of the original film (set in 2019) a new model replicant a new model was introduced… which might be Dave Bautista’s character. An incident in 2022 leads to Replicant Prohibition in 2023. In 2025, The Wallace Corporation introduces a new kind of artificial food, and then attempts to end Replicant Prohibition…which causes some problems.

The panel also hosted some footage, including a scene of Ford’s Deckard saying “I did my job, which was to leave. Sometimes, if you love someone, you have to be a stranger.”

After the footage, Villeneuve explained that he wanted to direct the sequel because he “didn’t want anyone else to fuck it up”, Ford said that the script’s central idea was what drew him back to the character of Deckard after all these years, and Ryan Gosling said it still hadn’t set in that he was in a Blade Runner sequel.








[Image courtesy of Circa Pop!]

And Harrison Ford reached peak “Harrison Ford” when asked if his life goal was to reboot all of his franchises. His reply? “You bet your ass it is.”

We’ll update you with more news on Blade Runner 2049, but in the meantime, here’s Future Jared Leto:

[image courtesy of Zane Gray]

Head over to ComingSoon.net for more news on the Blade Runner 2049 panel.

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Posted by Natalie Zutter

Ready Player One SDCC 2017 Iron Giant

Warner Bros. debuted the first footage from Ernest Cline’s “Holy Grail of pop culture” (OK, guys) directed by “cinematic gamechanger” Steven Spielberg, and—you know what’s more interesting than those accolades? That the Iron freaking Giant is in the OASIS.

Scored to a swelling instrumental cover of “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory because why not, the two minutes of footage shown at San Diego Comic-Con take fans of Cline’s novel into two mind-boggling futures: first, the Stacks, the teetering towers of the futuristic, quasi-dystopian United States; and then into the OASIS, into which Wade Owen Watts (Tye Sheridan) and his peers escape their present.

“They called our generation the missing millions,” Wade intones in voiceover. “‘Missing’ not because we went anywhere… There’s nowhere left to go. Nowhere, except the OASIS. It’s the only place that feels like I mean anything—a world where the limits of reality are your own imagination.”

Cue the insane pop culture montage: the aforementioned Iron Giant (no you’re crying), DeLoreans and Tron cycles in insane chase sequences, Freddy Krueger in the midst of battle…

Here, watch for yourself:

Spielberg said that reading Cline’s novel, which is chock full of ’80s nostalgia but especially pays tribute to his body of work, “was both a flash forward and flashback,” which is what really excited him about adapting it. Though he joked that “They’re going to need a younger director!” Which is ridiculous, as Spielberg was basically the ideal director to take this on.

No surprise from the title and footage, there are plenty of video game references permeating the film. “It’s a little more accurate than Lawnmower Man,” joked TJ Miller, who has a small part as a gunter (or egg hunter) who goes by the moniker i-R0k.

Spielberg said that he was tempted to cut out his own pop culture additions. However, as someone who’s read the book, I think that would have taken away a lot of the spirit of the OASIS. Then again, the addition of our beloved iron “Superman” is going to enhance the story. “The Iron Giant is a real major player in this story,” Spielberg told the crowd.

Fair warning—I’ll have the tissues ready.

Plug into Ready Player One on March 30, 2018.

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So yeah, trying to interleave FMA & FMA:B was not a good call. With the possible exception of FMA 9 (still coming on my schedule), just skipping the first episode of FMA:B would have done fine.

Spoilers for all versions of Fullmetal Alchemist.

FMA 3, 'Mother' )

FMA:B 2, 'The First Day' )

FMA 5, 'The Man with the Mechanical Arm' )

FMA 6, 'The Alchemy Exam' )

FMA 7, 'Night of the Chimera's Cry' )

FMA:B 4, 'An Alchemist's Anguish' )
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Posted by Associated Press

A British man and his young daughter have gained international attention for being fined 150 pounds ($195) for selling lemonade without a license near their home in London



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